Hey you--take a hike!! (You'll be glad you did.)

Since our sons have grown up they no longer think doing stuff with us is cool so we've (re-)discovered how much we enjoy day hiking and bike riding.

Remember to S-L-O-W D-O-W-N and look around! This page isn't about extreme hiking or mountain biking.
We want to stay in shape but we hike because we like walking in the woods. Watch your step and remember to look around as you walk. Smell the woods, hear the woods and imagine what the pioneers saw.

While you're in the woods--

Take nothing but pictures (and memories)
Leave nothing but footprints!

That softdrink can wasn't too heavy to carry in when it was full. It sure isn't too heavy to carry back to your car once it's empty.

Here are some of our favorite Kentucky & Indiana hikes.
NOTE: We live in the Louisville area and these locations are mostly an easy drive from here. You know - drive there, hike or bike, drive home - in ONE day. That's why they're called "day hikes"!!

If you hiked with our group at Siltstone trail on Saturday November 2, 2002 and are looking for the photos Click Here!

Kentucky Day Hikes

Indiana Hikes

Drop us a line and tell us where you hike. We'd love to hear from you!

"We feel closest to God when we're hiking and biking in my His gardens!"

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