On an overcast but otherwise nice day 25 hearty souls
hiked 7 3/4 miles of the Millinneum trail at Bernheim Forest, Clermont Kentucky.

If you attended this hike and would like one or more of these pictures to stick on YOUR refrigerator drop me a line and I'll send you the file(s) in higher definition than you see here.
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P3260001 P3260002 P3260003 P3260004
P3260001.jpg P3260002.jpg P3260003.jpg P3260004.jpg
P3260005 P3260006 P3260007 P3260008
P3260005.jpg P3260006.jpg P3260007.jpg P3260008.jpg
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P3260009.jpg P3260010.jpg P3260011.jpg P3260012.jpg