Here are a few pictures I snapped while out riding my motorcycle.

Bridges are usually cool.
Old bridges are really cool.
Old Covered bridges are totally cool.

Switzer Covered bridge in Franklin county KY

The Switzer Bridge was built by George Hockensmith in 1855, and was refurbished in 1991.
It was swept from its foundation by a flood in March 1997 and rebuilt yet again and placed back on its foundations in 1998.
It is found on KY 1262 just east of Frankfort KY.

We rode our motorcycle on a beautiful summer day from Louisville to Frankfort following US 60. This is a great trip through some beautiful Kentucky horse country.

Switzer Covered bridge in Franklin county KY

Another view of the Switzer Bridge.
I remembered to get Rita in the picture but forgot to include the bike!

Arch bridge in south-eastern Jefferson Co. KY

This one lane concrete 3 arch bridge is on Independence School Rd near the intersection with Ceder Creek Rd in South East Jefferson county Kentucky.
It spans Ceder Creek.

The arches caught my eye so I stopped and snapped a few pictures. There are new homes going up in this area and I'm quite sure the county engineers will one day mark this one to be torn out and replaced with a nice wide flat boaring modern concrete bridge.
I just wanted to get a picture while it's still here.
Most all the old iron bridges are gone from around here already.

If you know of an iron bridge in or around Louisville, drop me a line so I can get a picture before it's gone too!

Beechfork Covered Bridge Kentucky

We took a great ride to Beechfork Covered bridge on KY 458 about 5 miles south of Chaplin KY.
This area is beautiful Kentucky countryside with lots of trees, hills and curves.
Perfect motorcycle riding!

Historic marker, Bloomfield KY Cemetery

I just had to photograph this historic marker! This is found at the entrance to a cemetery on the North edge of Bloomfield KY on KY 55.
Two lovers buried in one coffin. That's either very romantic or very weird.
The sign explains it.

Historic marker, Bloomfield KY Cemetery

The "other side" of the sign at Bloomfield cemetery.

1955 magazine article

Someone sent me this old magazine article.
I printed it and showed it to my wife. I TOLD her it was a joke.
She got mad anyway.

Be careful with this one!!

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