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We're back! It's taken 3 years to get out of the garden long enough to update Ky-Dan's garden pages.

Ky-Dan's back yard 2010
Out with the swimming pool & in with a "sunken" tropical garden full of hearty bananas and elephant ears! Take a look!
Patio pots galore!
Rita shows how even small space gardeners can grow and grow with all kinds of pots!

The Goldfish Pond is still here! This is where it all began.

The pond is where it all started but there's much more! Why not grab a cold drink and stroll through our back yard!

Ky-Dan's garden 2005
Beautyberry & winterberry to name a few!

We added a pond stream & veggie filter!
The pond area gets a facelift!

2004 was a good year
with even more flowers!

Garden Pictures 2003
The rains came back!!

Summer garden 2002
It was DRY but we survived!

Summer garden 2001
Yep, more flowers!

Summer garden 2000
We added lots of stuff that year!.

Winter garden '99
We had snow on Christmas Eve!

Summer garden '99
We've come a long way since then.

Pond Winterization
Tips on keeping your fish alive during the winter.

Copper Critters!
Home made wire and marble bugs, DoDo Birds, spider webs and more. YOU can do this!!

How to re-seal a leaky RV window

More Outdoor Stuff!

Let's go hiking!!
This is what we do for fun!
Since our boys have grown and don't think hanging out with us is "cool" anymore, we've re-discovered how much we enjoy

Day Hiking & Bike Riding!
This page has information on trails and parks within a 100 mile radius of Louisville KY. We've got pictures, descriptions, driving directions, tips and more. Grab your hiking boots or your favorite bike and come on over to our Hiking & Cycling page!
"Where'd everybody go?"

"They're all down in Dan's Garden!"

Hiking Links!

If you know of other walking or hiking groups in Kentucky drop us a line so we can link to them!

Hiking Pictures & Vacation Slide Shows!

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